"So there we were, surrounded by 10--wait, it was 15--Murlocs that just came out of nowhere. And oh yeah they were elites of course, just our luck. We were doing pretty good, but then the priest went down and we were all like 'oh FUCK now what?!?' but then BAM this level 75 warrior flew down from the sky on his epic dragon mount and went to town on those sorry ass Murlocs! He one-shotted them left and right, and when they ran he whipped out this massive bow of pwnage as tall as 2 men, all glowing and shit, and mowed them down from like half a mile. And just as fast he was gone again, and we didn't even get to thank him. That was the first time I actually saw him...the man, the legend...Pwnan."

-- Madcaps the Rogue, June 18th, 2005

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